VR Traffic Bike Racer 360
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  •         VR Traffic Bike Racer 360 is #1 extreme action bike racing game on android with insane and stunt action! That blends the boundaries with realistic bike physics ...

VR Traffic Bike Racer 360

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VR Traffic Bike Racer 360 is #1 ext [详情]

VR Traffic Bike Racer 360 is #1 extreme action bike racing game on android with insane and stunt action! That blends the boundaries with realistic bike physics and fast-paced gameplay. Looking for a top VR based exciting bike racing game? If Yes! Then Strap yourself on your helmet, mount your bike and Burn up the racing tracks with the fastest and thrilling adventurous tracks for you first time in Virtual Reality and experience the real thrill. One of the best, most addictive and entertaining physics based racing game on Google Play ever made! And it's absolutely free! VR Traffic Bike Racer 360 is one of the fastest adventure and thrilling chopper bike racing games of top new endless vr games. This bike games traffic racing also give an opportunity to perform some racing in acrobatic stunts while riding in an actual heavy bike on the highway. Buckle up for an exciting VR experience of riding a heavy bike on the fury highways & take part in extreme traffic races to enjoy the realistic bike racing in amazing virtual reality. Hit the gas, lose the clutch and enjoy a furious ride in the city highways like a champ. Enjoy Around a Big City: Rush on multiple highways around the big town with variable environmental factors.. Go Extreme Drive: Whizz through the extreme traffic and make your way while racing zigzag around the big rigs. Go for the longest distances and avoid crashes with oncoming vehicles. Just sit tight on your scooter and have a blast of fun while enjoying the ultimate traffic bike racing. Realistic Motorcycle Simulator in VR: Feel yourself riding a real super bike on the city highways and experience the realistic motorcycle simulation with detailed suspension system. Let's enjoy VR bike racing in super bike racing style. How to Play: -You must have Gyro sensor on your android device to play this game. - Insert your device into VR Glasses or Headset - Tilt your head to steer the bike. Features: - High compatibility with all VR headsets & android devices. - Family Friendly motorbike racing game in VR - Real super bike vr racing game - Accessible for beginners - Maximum control flexibility - Enhanced physics engine - Detailed environments with many variations -Spectacular visuals & HD graphics. - First Person Camera perspective. - Real motor sounds recorded from real bikes. - Smooth and realistic motorbike handling. - User-Friendly interface. - Easy to learn and drive. *********************************************************** If you like this game, please try our other games by clicking “More from Developer” or by visiting our publisher account. And don’t forget to rate and review. We don't collect any personal information; any non-personal information collected by our partners is used for analytic and game improvements.


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