Virtual Babysitter Duty Family Simulator
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  •         Get ready for caretaker job in this Virtual Babysitter Duty Family Simulator where you play as virtual babysitter and perform different tidy tasks in this simul...

Virtual Babysitter Duty Family Simulator

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Get ready for caretaker job in this [详情]

Get ready for caretaker job in this Virtual Babysitter Duty Family Simulator where you play as virtual babysitter and perform different tidy tasks in this simulator. This story is about a virtual babysitter life that is caretaker in the roleplaying games. This game is full of entertainment and joyful activities like caring of little boy and baby, cook delicious food, washed dirty clothes etc. You will forget all other happy family game after playing this ultimate Virtual Babysitter Family Game. It is wonderful game which is based on different levels. Virtual Babysitter Duty Family Simulator is specially made for all family games lovers. Virtual babysitter is an amazing game with interesting and thrilling missions. The life of a virtual babysitter is very difficult. Be careful while you are cooking and serve the food to little kids in this thrilling family simulator. You can get new life experience while playing virtual babysitter and got all skills to manage baby care activities by yourself. Be a best warden girl and check your house as well as cute kids by playing this thrilling simulator. Gameplay: Virtual Babysitter Duty Family Simulator is adventurous game with interesting gameplay where you play as virtual babysitter and spend time with cute kids in the lovely house. Care two lovely kids with the help of caretaking skills. Virtual Babysitter is happy family game with easy gameplay to understand. First mission are very simple and easy to play. In your first task you can roam in the city in search of job. You can enter in the house where the family need babysitter and meet with Mrs. Rufus. Different adventurous and amazing task made this game more special. Go to the kitchen and make some milk for baby while he is awful. Make yummy breakfast in the kitchen for Thomas, go to Thomas bedroom wake him up & get him ready for the school in this Babysitter Duty Family game. Harry is crying, go to the bedroom and make him sleep carefully, before Thomas comes from school. Smooth controls and incredible missions made this game addictive. Have fun with the happy kids & make sure they do not make a mess in the home. Many more missions are also waiting and ready to blast the game in gaming world. 3D graphics and fun gameplay made this game to the best adventurous games. Key Features: • Play as beautiful Virtual babysitter and fulfill your responsibilities • Take Care of both children and house • Cook and Serve the Food to the small kids • Maintain perfect Babysitter tasks • Addictive gameplay and exciting missions • Smooth controls and amazing sound effect • 3D Graphics and realistic animations Get ready for new entertainment and adventurous tasks where you hired as Virtual Babysitter and perform multitask while playing this game. Enjoy your time with lovely kids. Become a Babysitter is your dream and you can fulfill it by playing Virtual Babysitter Duty Family Simulator. Being a babysitter is not an easy job but gameplay is quite easy which will help you to manage all problems which come in your way.


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