Ultimate Traffic Racer
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  •         Couldn’t you do what you wanted to do in traffic? Do you wish unlimited freedom in traffic? Overtake the cars in traffic. Here is the game you have been looking...

Ultimate Traffic Racer

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Couldn’t you do what you wanted to [详情]

Couldn’t you do what you wanted to do in traffic? Do you wish unlimited freedom in traffic? Overtake the cars in traffic. Here is the game you have been looking for! Ultimate traffic racer has 4 different super entertaining modes: mission mode, infinite mode, time mode and free mode. Drive whenever you want. Day, evening or night.. Overtake the cars on either one-way or two-way roads. Features Mission: Enhance your driving experience while accomplishing varied mission by which you will remove the borders. Accomplish the mission in realistic traffic condition with high graphics and get the bonus. Camera Angle: You can drive your car with four different camera angles which are top, back, cockpit and car hood. Car cockbit was designed on high graphic and reality. Streering wheel works in parallel with your movement. Indicator Works in relation to the speed. Controls: Enjoy tha game with the easiest and the clearest control options. Adjust the accuracy of steering wheel. See which control is where. Drive your car however you want. Soft or hard.. Physical features of vehicle: Cars have real physics law. Driving experience with the unison of realistic torc, gear and power provides you high level simulation. Master the engine by improving your car. Cars: Change colours of your car’s all parts which has high detailed graphics. Ultimate Traffic Racer give you chance to redesign your car. Change the wheels and the spoiler. Redefine speed again by improving your vehicle’s acceleration, roadholding, control, brake and nitro. Game mode: You can play the game at night, during daytime , in the evening or in a specific time. Ultimate Traffic Racer has got a real time processing. Make it more enjoyable thanks to mission mode, be filled with fun thanks to infinite mode , push the limits thanks to time mode, improve your driving skills thanks to free mode. Language Support: We almost provided all languages for you. We even provided you with chance to help us on languages. https://www.facebook.com/GreenGateComp https://twitter.com/greengatecomp https://www.youtube.com/greengatecomp


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