Real Traffic: Illegal Racing in Vegas City 3D
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  •         Do you want to test your traffic driving skills? Here it is - ultimate, insane city traffic survival game! Choose the right car and find out at what level is yo...

Real Traffic: Illegal Racing in Vegas City 3D

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Do you want to test your traffic dr [详情]

Do you want to test your traffic driving skills? Here it is - ultimate, insane city traffic survival game! Choose the right car and find out at what level is your racing reflex. Drive as fast as you can, avoid near traffic miss and find the close space to avoid the clash with other car racers! Make your decisions really fast and put the pressure on the other rivals. Chase the best result and become pro driver in the heart of the most famous city! Streets of colorful, vibrant Vegas await! Time to put your name on the top of the leaderboard in Real Traffic! Race right now! FEATURING: - Find yourself in INTENSE TRAFFIC! - Discover the colorful streets of Vegas, - Challenge your demanding RIVALS! - MASTER your HIGHSCORE! - Different weather: DAY, SUNSET and NIGHT! - Choose between many TYPES OF VEHICLES! - Prepare for the INSANE CHALLENGES! - Try to ride... IN REVERSE! - Enjoy fancy, 3D, CARTOON GRAPHIC! - PARTICIPATE in many racing events, ENDLESS, INTENSE GAMEPLAY IN THE HEART OF STREET TRAFFIC! How to survive in the intense street traffic? You’ll need to find it out! Choose your vehicle, jump behind the wheel and prepare for the challenge. Near misses, high risk of the clash with other cars will be your daily routine. Become a pro - face with the real traffic, full of trucks, motorbikes and other vehicles. It could be an intense, demanding experience! Pocket Traffic is setting the new standard in the racing traffic genre. Admire the extremely impressive graphics and experience high-octane vehicle riding! Discover well-designed and full animated dash and speedometer! Go straight to the Las Vegas right now! TEST YOURSELF IN DIFFERENT CONDITIONS! "World of intense races awaits you. Race in different modes on dangerous asphalt tracks. Show your opponents that you are the best in real competition with amazing speed. Ride your vehicle among beautiful vibrant streets of Las Vegas. Apart from demanding street traffic - you’ll need to survive in different weather conditions and during the day, as well during the night! It’s a real challenge to get the proper result in accompany of snow, rain and thunderstorm. Try to compete at that level of difficulty and reach the top speed in the middle of street traffic? Ready to go? Race on! " LAS VEGAS, WE'RE COMING! "Go straight to the garage, select one of the high-performance vehicles and get ready for the conquering the streets of Las Vegas. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the road, because noisy surroundings can get your attention as well! Shouting neon signs, vibrant traffic could be tricky - be careful where you’ll turn your vehicle. Become the fastest driver on the loudest streets of the city. Could it be more demanding? Time to find it out! Las Vegas and challenging rivals await you! Time to prove your worth in the city that never falls asleep! " Get the most of your extreme racing truck and taste the victory with your team! Feel the top speed right now! DOWNLOAD Real Traffic and have endless fun!


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