Real Drums - Deluxe - Drums Classic - Simple Drum
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  •         -The application is Ideal for those who want to study or play drumming without making much noise or taking up much space. Real Classic Drum Studio - Batterie Dr...

Real Drums - Deluxe - Drums Classic - Simple Drum

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-The application is Ideal for those [详情]

-The application is Ideal for those who want to study or play drumming without making much noise or taking up much space. Real Classic Drum Studio - Batterie Drums Rock is a free drum app you can customize the Pads of the application with your images and MP3 sounds .and Low latency, multi-touch and cool animations in a combination with recording option give you the ultimate real drum experience with Ideal play it at any time for anyone who wants to study or play Classic Drum Studio - Batterie without making so much noise or taking up a lot of space And it even lets you keep track of music live.. - The application is a perfect beat machine for those who want to learn how to play drums and those who already play jazz or rock in music bands. has samples A fun, light and easy to use application Drum Studio .Also comes with 33 songs to play along adjusting your best way to play . is a set of free drum simulation games that offer all types of electric drums with a guitarist and even a singer No prior Drum Studio lesson is necessary and choose your favorite piece of music to play it from a rich collection of songs of a wide variety . a guitarist and a singer to enjoy a group experience or enjoy playing alone. designed to be practical for those who prefer drums to other musical instruments and keep up the pace and get the highest score possible . - The application is is made by musicians and is aimed to help a beginner drummer learn to play drums as well as to help a mastered drum player keep everyday practicing when he is away from his music instrument. optimized for screens of any size with mixer helps you customize and adjust your volumes,Now you can Load an Play Drums over your favourite Mp3 track sounds It's really easy and simple to use Drum Studio .A set of presets of different musical styles, allowing you to quickly display the options playing drum kit , High performance and low latency response,you can load your songs from the left corner of drum screen. which are very important for a comfortable game.and Volume of each drum can be adjusted to your preferences and Simultaneous listening music playe. - It has an instant response and includes different sets of sound banks recorded with studio quality. High number of exclusive demo presets for learning how to play the drums. Control the speed of reading so that you can learn more easily. Record your own session and later you can play it like a real drum machine. Double your experience! You can record, play and repeat your compositions. You can save an unlimited number of notes in your loops. Use it in conjunction with the rest of the Batalsoft applications (bass, piano, guitar ...) to form your own group. Play your own MP3 and play and repeat your songs continuously. improvisations (reading mode). - The application is professional drummer knows that practicing drums regularly is a way to success. The fastest response time without any delays and High quality sounds recorded with live drums and Popular songs for you to learn to accompany with drums and Learn to play drums and electronic drum pad and Improve sense of timing with rhythm games and Travel and practice drums on the go and Spend free time playing drum games The main features are: - Drum position settings - Cool animation - Real animations - Animated Sticks om Touch. - Animated Kick Drum Hammer on Touch. - Super Multi-touch - Loop recording and play - Effects animated. - Realistic graph. - different battery set. - Streetlight effect of Hall and Hall. - Realistic graphic. - The jazz brush Kit. - Simple and easy to use. - Simple and easy to use. - Record mode - Complete acoustic drum kit - Export your records to mp3


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