Quarry Driver Duty : Big Machine Driving Simulator
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  •         Quarry Driver Duty : Big Machine Driving Simulator I think! you are damn bore by playing simple driving games or parking games, jeep driving games etc, so try ...

Quarry Driver Duty : Big Machine Driving Simulator

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Quarry Driver Duty : Big Machine Dr [详情]

Quarry Driver Duty : Big Machine Driving Simulator I think! you are damn bore by playing simple driving games or parking games, jeep driving games etc, so try this heavy machines like excavators, heavy cranes, bager or the quarry machines. You can say earth movers to all these heavy machines they are even seen on big sea like other simple machines. Drive these big giant machines to have a new amazing experience of quarry driver and also driver 3 duty in industries! Forget about small tractors, simple machines and excavators! We prepared for you real transport beasts not for the car beast, just for the giant machines! One of the best things about this big machine simulator is that you have to do driver duty of multiple heavy machines like construction trucks, excavators, giant machines, big maschinen all in one driving sim game. Start your driver 3 duty today! Dig ground or dangerous mines with a mine excavator, deliver cargo with a quarry lorry, construction truck, operate Earthmover heavy machines and do many other cool things! Every quarry machine and construction truck, from a bulldozer to a bucket wheel excavator, has realistic physics and controls, making iron pro and dangerous mining a fair challenge and an interesting task for the pro driver duty experts. No need in long study for driving license of heavy machines, play with haul truck, bulldozer, excavator and every other dangerous mining machines in our simulator! Feel like you are sitting in pure iron pro big machines giants etc, and show the other driving sim lovers that liker like heavy machines. If you realy like heavy Construction trucks or other driving machines Simulators, Try by playing the latest construction machines simulator where you can feel what's like to take control of Extreme Vehicles such as Construction Excavators, Dumper Trucks, Bulldozers, Haulers, Construction Cranes, Garbage Trucks and many more! Extreme Trucks Simulators have all features of many scenarios: country roads, quarry mine, deserts, mountains, cities, quarry driver duty etc Use powerful vehicles on big sea or in industries to finish cosmoport construction on simple machines cause industries want time saving and quality & quantity work as well. Even you are too young to have a driving license. Do it, test your construction skills if you pass the test of heavy machinery driving then you'll get a drivers logbook & your driving behavior is too important for selection. It is hard to maintain pro driver behaviour that even he/she is bore and fun when he/she see his/her performance on drivers logbook at the same time. But don't worry, you'll have all the instructions in the giant machines simulator. This simulator is a game for all ages, everyone can drive trucks here! If your dream is to meet with big machines, we made the construction simulator for you. Get down to work and become the best specialist in construction and quarry driver! < GAME PLAY > Quarry Driver Duty : Big Machine Driving Simulator * Pass the test of pro driver duty on big machinery driving * Quarry driving on offroad tracks or big sea * The giant machines like excavator, bulldozer, bager, construction trucks * Multiple levels with multiple selection of quarry machinery * Be careful while driving on highway < FEATURES > Quarry Driver Duty : Big Machine Driving Simulator * Heavy machinery realistic sounds and realistic controls * Realistic quarry truck sounds * Stunning graphics and amazing environment of industries * Explore dangerous mining experience on quarry trucks


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