Pool Live
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  •         Do you love pool? Try your skills in this incredible game Pool Live! Playing Pool Live is like having an entire pool hall at your fingertips! Beautiful graphic...

Pool Live

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Do you love pool? Try your skills i [详情]

Do you love pool? Try your skills in this incredible game Pool Live! Playing Pool Live is like having an entire pool hall at your fingertips! Beautiful graphics and crisp sounds are made to please. Gameplay looks like a real deluxe and royal experience. The objective of the game is knocking the balls using specially made cue sticks. Shoot your way with a cue and master the white ball to show your opponent that nobody should mess with you. Challenge your friends for a multiplayer match of Pool Live and see who's the best player in this town! You can train your skills in the Practice mode. It is just like real life or even better, as you can play it wherever and whenever you want. Feel the emotions of playing like a professional 8 ball shooter. Prepare to become a master of the cue. Pool Live gives you additional control and advantages over playing pool in real life. Aim your shots with ultimate precision and vision, with no shakiness at all! The game is played with a set of 16 balls, 1 cue ball and 15 coloured balls, and numbered 1-15. One of the player starts the game, by breaking the rack formation on the start of the table and pocket the balls. The ball type of the pocketed ball, either stripes or solid, becomes that players target group, the other type will belong to opponent. The whole game takes place on a massive table, which is covered with felt and has six pockets, in the corners and in the middle of the longest edge of the table. Playing with friends is easy: sign in with your Facebook account or as guest and you’ll be able to challenge your friends straight from the game. Challenge friends anytime, anywhere and show off your skills. So whether you're looking for Pool Live game then your at the right place get all the table action you could ever need wherever and whenever you want, no actual table necessary. Sink shots through a realistic physics engine. Calculate angles, put spin on the ball, and shoot to win! Challenge your friends, or compete with pool player across the world. You don't have to be a pro player to have incredible fun playing pool. Just set the game enjoy arcade gameplay while on a break or riding the bus. You can place rotated shots for more precise shots. Making these extra tricky shots will require nerves of steel like in a professional pool match. Practice in the game and you'll see that your real life skill will increase as well. Soon you'll become a real pool pro! Looking to leave realism in the dust and add an extra awesome factor to your billiards fun? If you're a pool fan who wants a simple game, then Pool Live is the game for u and its worth a look. Game is entirely free so download now and have a go at it! ★★★★ Pool Live Features ★★★★ ❖ Customize your pool Cues and Chat ❖ Connect with facebook to invite/challenge friends and share the joy! ❖ Online Multiplayer Pool → challenge thousands of pool fans worldwide ❖ Out of credits? Earn Free Credits by watching Videos ❖ Use coins to unlock new cue and other cool items in the game store ❖ Use Practice Mode to sharpen your 8 Ball Live Skills ❖ Challenge a friend' from Facebook for a online real-time multiplayer game ❖ Free coins, spin and win ❖ Easy & Refreshing Interface ❖ Chat with your opponents and friends while playing If you’re enjoying our game of Pool Live, please take a few seconds to give us a review! We'll do our best to answer you. We appreciate your review, so keep them coming!


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