Oil Tanker Simulator 2018: Petroleum Giant Truck
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  •         Let's Start the 18 Wheeler Heavy Oil Tanker Truck Engine or heavy duty oil tanker truck engine, Drive the lorry Oil Cargo Truck Engine like a real truck on the ...

Oil Tanker Simulator 2018: Petroleum Giant Truck

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Let's Start the 18 Wheeler Heavy Oi [详情]

Let's Start the 18 Wheeler Heavy Oil Tanker Truck Engine or heavy duty oil tanker truck engine, Drive the lorry Oil Cargo Truck Engine like a real truck on the rough road of the city. Oil Transport Truck Simulator will give the realistic simulation of driving the oil tanker using mack truck and kenworth truck in the city, be careful and avoid to hit the crazy traffic cars on the road because oil tanker is flammable and will catch the fire if olio you hit 3 or 4 time to the cars and other heavy rough trucks. In Oil Truck Simulator 2017, Your responsibility is Oil Delivering from Oil Drilling Rig place. Oil demand in morra is increasing day by day in the city, You are a Pro Cargo Oil Tanker Driver, so, it is your responsibility to make sure the continues supply of Oil Petrol Pump and to the Diesel Supplier and to the Gas refinery Station. Drive beautiful Kenworth Truck and Gainesville to the Oil Digging Place to the others petrol pumps. Mr Bingo is one the successful business man in the Oil Tanker Transportation Field. He had made the contract with Government to deliver logging oil tanker to petrol station different cities. He has earned more than 20 Million Dollar by this business. Now he hire you to transport the Heavy Cargo And Grand Oil Tanker to the gas stations and petrol pumps. Mr Bingo is very punctual, if you deliver the Oil Tanker on the time then he will give you the reward if you did not deliver the grand oil tanker usa on the time then he will cut your fee. But, he knows that you are pro oil tanker driver who is driving kenworth oil tanker and peterbilt oil tanker from last 15 years top driver, so he had many bonuses for you. If you drive the Oil Tanker successfully then he will give you opportunity to open your own oil tanker transportation company. Features of "Oil Truck Simulator 2017 and Transportation Truck": - 3 Oil Tankers and wagon - oil refinery stations - 10 Petrol Pumps - 20 Unique Levels - Real City Traffic Simuation and pedestrian - 6 Beautiful realistic Trucks including kenworth truck, peterbilt truck and others American Truck and Euro Truck and gainesville and caterpillar - 3 Beautiful Cities with detail graphics in Night mode - Heavy Truck Driving Simulation with smooth steering, buttons and Hydraulic Brakes - Virtual Oil Transport Truck Driver Duty for oil truck transportation - Grand Truck Driving Simulation for Heavy Cargo 18 Wheeler Oil Tanker - Realistic Oil Tanker Truck Physics - Smooth Animations and Particle System Coming in Future: - Volvo Truck for oil spill - Hill Transport Environment like truck world for big trucks - Off Road Environment on gage - Flame Particle limitless - And others interesting forme stuff Now what are we waiting for lets jump in the realistic oil tanker simulation with majesty and drive the realistic rough truck simulation on the rough road of the city to make sure the continuous supply of the Oil or oleo and can be Diesel or if owner want the mass effect Petrol know as petroleum or Gas and CNG. If you fond of muddy road then big truck is good choice to drive mack truck cary trailer from barr point to the hep and cummins destination drive dms and lex by haul oversize trailer keep the spotlight on road and wiper on and avoid the traffic collision Keep Truck fast as proton trcuk and deliver the heavy construction on freeway using semi truck and keep control on rudder Got problem put your jakes down and drive again with mack truck Comming In Future scania Truck for lode runner to deliver the large container of petrol Cattle Transporter with big truck wheel winnipeg game truck fugue afghan city Lets enjoy the oil cargo truck driving experience avoid oil leakage and drive truck simulator euro in european cities. Control your speed limit in Europa and guide yourself for drive directions using europe maps and made scenario for your help. let's become the transporter or conductors of oil tanker lorry truck in lorry game.


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