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  •         Game new onet deluxe is a game that requires you to find the same image with the location of the image and must form a straight line with three lines. Maybe tha...


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Game new onet deluxe is a game that [详情]

Game new onet deluxe is a game that requires you to find the same image with the location of the image and must form a straight line with three lines. Maybe that's how my understanding of this game new onet deluxe. If you want to know more clearly about this one game, it's good you play. When you find the same image with the note unhindered by another box and have three paths, just try to click both pictures. If your step is correct, you will succeed in uniting one pair of images. new onet deluxe is a puzzle game genre and a fun onet game for you to connect animals. Super classical onet animal fans can not ignore this game. If you like connecting / matching games, pet matches, tantan, pao pao, link links, kawai games then you will love to play a new pet for free. new onet deluxe For those who have often played the game Onet on PC, now you can play it on your Android device. new onet deluxe has now been present in Play Store for its fans. We present onet with many funny drawing icons from our favorite animals and fruits, this deluxe newonet has a simple yet interesting concept. In this new deluxe onet game you only need to get rid of all the existing images by matching them to each other within certain time limits. However, you can only match the two images if there are no obstacles between the two images. Maybe for some people who see at a glance, this Onet game looks very easy to play. Try downloading and testing your level of concentration and precision. How to Play New onet deluxe: 1. Remove 2 animal or fruit icons of the same type that can be connected in 3 rows 2. Remove all the animals before the time is over Features of the new onet deluxe 1. icon of animals, pikachu and cute fruits with original graphics 2. More than 100 levels 3. Instruction Support 4. equipped with 3 options onet icon 5. comes with 2 help options 6. icon icon from us Hope you enjoy the game from this new onet deluxe -Various modes create different onet gaming experiences: Classic: connect the same 2 funny icons, remove all the animals onet to clean the cubic for a limited time. Extreme: A combination of different game modes, new challenges for connecting animals, the same fun with classic fruit links matching 3 games. Challenge: Endless Mode. A fun pet adventure game. Various levels are generated randomly! 1.Support multiple screens, low resolution HD 2. Very simple, easy to play 3. light game size to download 4.interface is interesting 5.can be played For all ages new onet deluxe also known as onet deluxe, onet pikachu, onet game, onet classic 98, onet animal 2018, onet classic, free onet, onet animal, onet kawaii, onet link pikachu, free onet games , free onet animals, free deluxe onet. Download and have fun! download and play off your boredom ..... do not forget the rate of our application as a form of support for us continue to work ..


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