Indian Wedding Ceremony Rituals - Pre Wedding 1
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  •         Weddings in India vary according to the state, the religion and as per personal fondness of the bride and groom. If you've certainly not attended an Indian wedd...

Indian Wedding Ceremony Rituals - Pre Wedding 1

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Weddings in India vary according to [详情]

Weddings in India vary according to the state, the religion and as per personal fondness of the bride and groom. If you've certainly not attended an Indian wedding ceremony before - get energized! You've been invited to the first of its class Indian wedding ceremony! Here in this Indian Wedding ceremony game we included all information and rituals of a traditional grand Indian wedding ceremony. Wedding is most essential part of one’s Life, so don’t miss the chance to invite all everyone to enjoy the event and get their blessings. In this game we are creating the moments of pre-wedding with Parents Meet Up, Conversation between to be bride and groom, Indian Spa and Salon, Indian dress up and makeup and Engagement. Meet Up: In Indian wedding ceremony (arranged marriage) parents meeting is the important part; where two families meets each to understand the culture, likes, dislikes, attitude, family history of each other and most importantly compatibility of girl and boy. Once things turns positive at both the end engagement and wedding is decided with giving its way to many other wedding ceremonies in between and a kick start to big Indian Wedding Ceremony. Conversation between to be Bride and Groom: Once parents agrees on their children getting married more emphasis is given now a days to girls and boys agreement as well; as they are the one who have spend their entire life with each other. In these Indian luxury wedding to be bride and groom meet up; you will enjoy conversation / chatting between both of them. Match their likes and dislikes, score them on the basis of their answer and help them to match a perfect match. In these Indian wedding game meet up view you ensure that to be bride and groom’s compatibility, understanding towards each other. Bridal Makeup and bridal jewellery: Marriage is the very important day of a girl’s life. So make these day best and most memorable which is so special special her we have to give her a perfect look. You can use different make-up options available to give her the amazing look like Eye lenses, eye mascara, eye lashes, eye shadow, cheek blush, lipstick/lip gloss, earrings, mang tika, nose ring, bindi, etc you gotta select from large variety and you can customize the shade by yourself from shade adjustment option Groom dressup: Same as bride; marriage is a very day important day for groom as well. Usually groom wears traditional outfit which has a dhoti and kurta along with a long stole wrapped around the arms, sehra (paghdi) is been wore around the head and long neck piece generally a two or three layer pearl chain. Bride dress up: In Indian wedding ceremony generally brides are asked to wear a red coloured dress for wedding as stands for fertility and prosperity. Help your bride to select dress up with gorgeous outfits like beautiful Chainya Choli/Lehenga choli, hair accessories, beautiful necklaces, suitable bangles, matching mang tika, nose ring, matching earrings, bindi and much more Engagement The engagement ceremony is an important pre-wedding ritual in Indian cultures where the would-be-bride and the bridegroom-to-be come face to face and are formally betrothed to each other by their families. Engagement ceremonies are uniform across most religion and ethnicities across India, differing in nuances and details of the rituals. In some cases, the engagement ceremony marks the formal announcement of the betrothal, while in others it marks the ceremony where the official date of the wedding is determined.


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