Ganwu Rider the Legendary Hero
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  •         Be the best superhero, help ganwu and jangbi fight, collect all the rider cards and conquer the three kingdoms. Train your superheroes in different street techn...

Ganwu Rider the Legendary Hero

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Be the best superhero, help ganwu a [详情]

Be the best superhero, help ganwu and jangbi fight, collect all the rider cards and conquer the three kingdoms. Train your superheroes in different street techniques in training mode, so you'll learn to punch or kick, remember that survival is not guaranteed. Fell all the adrenaline in your hands, fight with ganwu and janbi to be the legend hero, enjoy all the fighting disciplines and make rayforce combos with your punches, kicks of karate, and you will be the 3 kingdoms legendaries kung fu masters. Make all mma tecniques, and KO all the monster, you listen to the bell and you will know that the superhero fight has started, feel the kamen of your rider and perform deadly street techniques, mma liu bei, feel how you have the power in this rider fight simulator, perform incredible tricks to defeat liu jin rival. Features of ganwu Legend Hero Fighting Battle. - Incredible 3D graphics You'll think they're real fights! - More than 8 superheroes are waiting for fight! - Differents three kingdom to fight. - Incredible rayforce combos. You'll be the guan yu in this game! - Tokusatsu Fight Mode For skilled fighters! - History Mode Discover the secrets of superheroes and villains! - Dive into combat Graphics from another universe! - HD Sound You'll see what effects! Fight in the best mortal combats on the world, this survival game to conquer the universe, will allow you to be a real comic superhero and 100% full of powers, KO all your enemies with the best combos. Play the best free game every day of your life, remember that it is a game for fans of all ages, feel like in the first person, multiplayer mode on local server. Use your strength, your quickness and combine punches and kicks to win and be the superhero kamen of hero rider. Save the world! He needs you, play this free tokusatsu fighting game, In ganwu Legend Hero Fighting Battle you will use street techniques where you can compete with masters kung fu, mma, karate, wrestling, boxing and more modalities, all battles will be a mortal combat. Will you be the best superhero? Guide your superhero in the best scenarios and improve your powers, feel the 3d fights with great graphics. You know, leave everyone KO with your incredible powers tom and be the superhero of legend, in the Legend Hero Fighting Battle. What will be your power? It is a kamen? Fight to save the earth and the survival of the raider, become the greatest superhero all the time.


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