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  •         Sara has just finished studying journalism and can not wait to get a job in this area she loves so much. She has got a job as a reporter and is about to take he...

arragg t m ad rarg t rsal

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Sara has just finished studying jou [详情]

Sara has just finished studying journalism and can not wait to get a job in this area she loves so much. She has got a job as a reporter and is about to take her first interview. Of course, we all know how Sarah is a huge fashion designer, so her first interviews will be on the red carpet. Help Sarah beautifully prepare for interviews by playing our new game named Sarah's Dream Reporter job. Start this game by wearing her clothes to meet the cinema. Choose a great dress for Sara or wear your outfit by blending and embroidering the top and skirt. You can access the exterior with a fantastic jacket and accessories, then add the perfect hairstyle. For the second trim, Sarah will need to look extra glamorous, so choose a stylish dress and then choose her hairstyle before adding great accessories. Sara is very happy to do what she likes and she looks wonderful while doing so, thank you! Enjoy playing Sarah's Dream Reporter job! Princesses and pets All favorite princesses have nice and nice pets who love and spend time with them. Pretty Sarah has a cute rabbit named George, Pumpkin Puppy Camellia is lovable in the land, Dalia has the most majestic cat named Kitten Treasure and Haifa has a cute little cat named Beauty, too! The exotic lady has chosen a tiger for a pet and its name is brave, and the only thing that all princesses share is that their wonderful pets have very amazing characters. We thought you would enjoy playing a spectacular contest to see which pet of the palace matches your character. Tell us about your design preferences, choose a personality you recognize, tell us who you think is the handsome prince in the earth and do not forget to tell us about any emoticons you are! Once you answer all the questions, you will discover which palace you are. Enjoy playing princesses and pets! Wedding destination Thailand The beautiful girl decided to attend her wedding in Thailand, one of the most beautiful and strangest countries in the world. She wants to embrace all the beautiful traditions of Thailand and to wear amazing bridal clothes, and we thought you would love to help her look beautiful on her wedding day by playing Destination Wedding Thailand. Before you can wear her clothes, this beautiful girl needs to be treated with mineral water to help her relax and look amazing so start with applying masks and creams on the skin to help her relax and then put the face mask to glow her skin. For makeup, choose a beautiful color for shadows and complete eye makeup using eyeliner and mascara. Add blusher and lipstick and go to the dressup stage. Choose a traditional Thai wedding dress and a beautiful hairstyle and complete a look with jewelry and flowers. Candy dress BIY For this girl, there is nothing she likes more than candy. She was looking for the perfect candy dress everywhere, but since she could not find one, she decided to design her own dress and asked you to join her in her BIY project by playing a new fun game called BIY Candy Dress. Let your imagination run and become determined for the perfect candy dress. Start the process by choosing a style for the skirt. Go to a longer design or choose a short design. Next, go ahead and add color and style. Choose a playful cupcake style or go to a cute kitty and add brilliant colors like blue or light pink sky. When you are satisfied with the way the skirt looks forward, add more decorations such as braces, golden belt or exquisite stickers. Finally, design your beautiful creativity by adding a modern crest and perfect appearance by adding an attractive wallet, sparkling jewelry and a high heel of the sky.


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