100 Dorrs Horror 2
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  •         100 Doors Horror 2 is one of our latest room escape games, filled with brain teasers and absolutely new ways to escape room and break out of the horror house. L...

100 Dorrs Horror 2

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100 Doors Horror 2 is one of our la [详情]

100 Doors Horror 2 is one of our latest room escape games, filled with brain teasers and absolutely new ways to escape room and break out of the horror house. Learn new mechanics to escape the room and try not to get frightened by jumpscares like others do in horror games free. Can you walk through 100 rooms and doors alive? Features: – 100 more doors to escape – New secret door mechanics for brain challenge – Frightening jumpscares and horror puzzle – Many ways of doors escape Don’t be scared! Are you one of those who likes rattling their nerves in scary games free? Feel the thrill and stay in suspense throughout the whole scary story of escape room games while trying to open doors one by one. We’ve made the newest of our horror escape games completely unpredictable, so keep your eyes open. What’s that sound at the next one of 100 doors? In our scary games for adults and kids it could be anything: a doll, clown, zombie, scary neighbor or even a killer! The legend of room escape games is back What kind of spooky horror games do you prefer to play? Maybe scary games escape with riddles and brain-teasers? Now you've got a great opportunity to walk through plenty of exciting levels of scary horror games to get out of the haunted mansion. Don't miss the chance to play one of our latest scary games free with new brainteasers and jumpscares! As our previous escape games free, this won’t be an easy one, especially with the new mechanics. ⚡️ New sound and graphics Start the unbelievable quest of terror with lots of puzzles and surprises! The sinister interior design of the rooms will make you feel lost and damned like in scariest horror games. And the fear will never leave you with cool ambient creepy sounds in the horror night. Walk through every level in our escape games free and enjoy new quality of graphics and sound! STRAIN YOUR BRAIN You've got a perfect opportunity to find yourself in the height of room escape games. Growing suspense, unexpected turns and overwhelming curiosity are guaranteed! Test your skills and try to escape the room in horror brain games. What can be more refreshing for your intellect than unlocking doors and rooms in scary games free with no end? So, you'll definitely stay involved in escape room games forever! More unique doors to open We always try to implement the most curious and exciting mechanics in our escape games free. In this part, you’ll face challenges and secret mechanics inspired by brain training games of many sorts, so you will never get bored trying to escape the room. Discover new ways to open doors that you’ve never seen before in escape room games and escape the house!


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